Oklahoma Humane Society CFC Video 2019

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Oklahoma Humane Society
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Description of content: Puppies and kittens playing, kitten receiving medical care, cats getting adopted. Audio transcript: Hi. I'm Dana McCrory, President and CEO of the Oklahoma Humane Society. Our mission is to stop the needless euthanasia of cats and dogs in Oklahoma. Since Oklahoma Humane's inception in 2007, we have changed an environment where over 75% of the dogs and cats entering the Oklahoma City animal shelter were dying, to now where 86% of them are leaving alive. We know this is in large part due to the services we provide. We have a low cost spay/neuter clinic to help our community tackle overpopulation issues. We provide life-saving medical care to animals that could easily fall through the cracks, such as neonate puppies and kittens. OK Humane also has a robust adoption program. Once rehabilitated, fostered, and ready for new homes, these animals go on to be treasured members of people's families. The Oklahoma Humane Society is 100% donation based. We are constantly looking for ways to make Oklahoma a more humane state. Will you please join us on that journey?
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