CFC Cause of the Week: Housing & Shelter



Over 550,000 people in America may be homeless on a given night, with one-fifth of them being children.[1] Many factors may contribute to homelessness, including a traumatic life event, natural disaster, loss of a job, family conflict, physical disability, mental illness, substance abuse, or domestic violence. Charities that combat homelessness provide basic housing needs, as well counseling to rebuild a life and home. Help provide basic housing essentials by donating to a CFC-supported housing and shelter organization.

Here’s how you can make an impact:

  • $10 purchases a gallon of paint for a child's bedroom for a home-building organization for low-income families.
  • $50 covers the cost of a identifying a safe, permanent housing option for a homeless person.
  • $100 buys one toilet, two hard hats, and three hammers to support housing development for families across the United States.



or most children, fitting in with their peers and schoolmates is important, but for those who are homeless it is often hard to hide the fact that they are living in shelters or in other programs. This can draw unwanted attention and make them feel different. Sara, a young girl staring at a local shelter with her mother and two brothers, receied some assistance from a CFC-supported charity that paid for her fees and supplies to go on a very special school field trip. Without this help, Sara's family would never have been able to afford for her to go on this trip, and she was worried how she would explain this to her teachers and her friends. The ongoing support these organizations provide helps remove barriers for homeless youth like Sara, enabling them to fully participate in school and to improve their academic success.


Have you volunteered with an organization whose mission is to lift women and girls? Maybe you or someone you know, has been affected by this disparity? Share your story to inspire others and raise awareness of this inequality within our global community.

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