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Millions of people do not have access basic healthcare, which makes it difficult to combat preventable illnesses. Disease knows no borders. In today’s interconnected world, a disease threat anywhere can become a health threat in the world. We know that disease exploits even the smallest gap to spread and grow. With the ease and speed of global travel, along with rapidly expanding commerce and trade, the risk of infectious disease rapidly spreading is greater than ever before. Supporting global health means improving health and achieving equity in health for all people worldwide.

Here’s how you can make an impact:

  • $10 protects a child or pregnant woman in Africa from malaria for four years.
  • $50 provides an hour of medical research.
  • $65 vaccinates a single person to prevent or fight off malaria.
  • $100 buys three first-aid kits, 24 blankets, and 10 surgical scissors used for basic and emergency health care.
  • $520 provides six months of health education and awareness for a refugee community.



A Successful, Healthy Partnership.

Thailand is CDC’s biggest and oldest outpost. That size brings both complications and benefits.

With a staff of 200, CDC’s Thailand office has the expertise and scientific heft to provide needed assistance in a region that has no shortage of complicated health concerns. From HIV/AIDS to several varieties of bird flu, Thailand experiences an alarming increase in chronic disease, such as diabetes, as well as continuing threats from tuberculosis and measles.

Like other countries where CDC works, Thailand is working to improve its laboratory network. It is adding more “disease detectives” who are the critical element for early detection of disease outbreaks and give the country stronger tools for detecting, preventing and responding to outbreaks.

The story of CDC’s Thailand office is one of world class experts, scientific pedigrees, demand for its services and skills, and sheer size. “We started here in 1980 with the establishment of the field epidemiology training program,” said CDC Thailand country director John MacArthur. “This was the first program outside of North America. That’s the backbone of what CDC does, both domestically and globally.” Read more here McCabe, G. and Pope, C. (2018, July 3) A Successful, Complicated Partnership.

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We are all connected. The work we do as federal employees often relies on the work of our non-profit sector partners. What is your agency’s mission - Can you think of a charity that provides support to your agency’s mission when the need arises?

The CDC partners with local, national, and international CFC approved non-profit organizations to meet the unforeseen needs of communities impacted by global health crisis. Want to pledge your support to Global Health? Visit the CFC giving site today and search “Global Health” to find an organization that is creating positive change in support of a Global Health initiative. Make your pledge today! Show Some Love – Give through your Combined Federal Campaign

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Have you volunteered with an organization whose mission is to lift women and girls? Maybe you or someone you know, has been affected by this disparity? Share your story to inspire others and raise awareness of this inequality within our global community.

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